Célébrez en Rosé Festival

I had the pleasure of attending the Célébrez en Rosé wine and music Festival at the Historic Fourth Ward Park in Atlanta, Georgia. From the moment I walked through the gate, I was impressed. The festival consisted of bottles of Rosé, picnic-style seating, food, and music. This year’s performance lineup consisted of the international singer Rotimi and R&B sensation Robin Thicke! 

The strictly enforced pink and white dress code made this festival stand out. Now I will admit that color schemes put me on edge, as it limits your wardrobe options. Pink is also not a favorite color of mine, which means I don’t own much of it. In addition, I didn’t think wearing white clothing outside would have gone well. Nonetheless, five purchased outfits later, I settled on a maxi-length pink dress. It was long and loose enough to allow me to move and sit how I wanted throughout the day. 

The event drew in a crowd of people all dressed to the theme. I must say it was very appealing to the eye. We waded through the different photo op areas (truly a bloggers paradise) before making it to the Rosé Lounge Garden. From there we grabbed our picnic blankets and drinks, then maneuvered through the crowd to find a spot close to the main stage. Once settled, the real fun began! Here are the Top 4 Things I enjoyed most about the festival:

The Music 

To know me is to understand that I am an R&B enthusiast. Huge emphasis on old-school R&B! So much so, that if you invite me to anything with R&B music, I will be in attendance and ready to sing my little heart out. This event gave me all the feels musically. It felt like I was attending a black BBQ the way the DJ was spinning the old-school music. I was HERE FOR ALL OF IT. 

Rotimi’s performance was also pretty good. I had to get closer to the stage just to FaceTime my little sister, who loves him. She got dressed up and did her hair as if the man would be able to see her 😂 . 

The Ambience 

When you often hear of color schemes, it’s either an all-black affair or an all-white affair. To have an all Pink/White event was very different; they executed it very well. The backdrops, the picnic blankets, and the posters all helped create this boujee sophisticated ambience. And if it’s one thing I like, it’s tapping into my boujee side! 😎

The People 

It’s cool to see the progression of events. It often starts with everyone being calm as they get a feel of the atmosphere. Then it shifts to deep conversations with strangers, dancing, and networking with dope individuals. One thing is for certain, that the people will always be the best part of the show. I connected with so many different individuals: An attorney, author, blogger, and nurse, just to name a few. Every encounter was pleasant. Every conversation was full of laughter and a sense of familiarity. By the time you reach the end of the event, everyone is unguarded, singing, dancing, and taking pictures together.

The Fashion 

It was Derby weekend when the festival took place. I got to see people wearing Derby-style headpieces and holding fashion umbrellas. I’m not into fashion per se, but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the different outfit choices. I couldn’t help but wonder where they found all these different pink outfits because I struggled! Next time I’m going to go around interviewing people about where they purchased their outfits from like I’m a fashion blogger 🤷🏾‍♀️ .

Red Carpet GIF by BET Awards - Find & Share on GIPHY

Célébrez en Rosé festival was such a worthwhile experience. If it comes to a city near you, I highly recommend attending. My advice would be to take food in with you to avoid the long lines at the food trucks. Buy a general admission ticket to save money; it’s enough to give you the full experience. We bought tickets for an exclusive lounge, but ended up sitting with everyone else. The lounge was too far from everything. 

Simply Janeen ❤️


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15 thoughts on “Célébrez en Rosé Festival

  1. Lovely! I have been to the rose harvest in Qamsar, Iran but this is another level of beauty and fun. 🙂 Your dress is perfect.


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