About Me

Hi, I’m Janeen, but you can call me Neen. I am a creative with a love for storytelling. You can often find me with my head in a book, scrolling on Pinterest, or at the airport awaiting my next adventure.

Growing up I was always reading or writing. Every new journal I saw I had to have in my possession. I would recap my day every night in those blank pages. Something unique about this memory is that whenever a chapter of my life was over I would rip the pages out of my journal, so that I could start over or forget what had been written. It wasn’t until now that I realized the importance of those pages. The words written on those very pages made me who I am today. Every negative or positive event made me stronger. I cannot run from my short-comings because they’re a part of my story, I can only continue progressively moving forward ultimately becoming better than who I was yesterday.

I believe you can see an untold story in peoples eyes and my overall goal is to be a rainbow in someones cloud. I created this blog as an outlet in hopes of releasing a lot of the important things that go on in my mind and even in my life that others can relate too, but often refrain from talking about. My hope is that it liberates someone from silence. We all deserve to live out loud and not just exist in silence so let’s get moving!

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