Harvest Season at the Vineyard

I haven’t spent time outside with myself in a while, but I decided to step out for Crush Fest 2022. It was the best decision I’ve made. I almost talked myself out of it since my friend couldn’t come with me, and I had to prepare for a flight the next day. However, I thought to myself, ” What have you done for yourself lately?”

I’ve been making the time to cater to myself in some way, shape, or form every Sunday. I absolutely love it! This particular weekend though, I had to travel for work. So my self-care Sunday turned into an employee Sunday 🙁. So on Saturday, I responsibly decided to be irresponsible and put Janeen-the-person first rather than Janeen-the-employee.

I tasted phenomenal wines and walked through the vendor path to see all the different products available for sale. (I enjoy seeing the different ways that creators find to create). I fed myself at the food trucks and hydrated myself at the water station. All of these are significant highlights because it’s me not only spending time with myself; but also listening to my body and giving it what it was asking for in the moment. I did so without anyone giving me the cue to do so.

It’s a small but mighty reminder that you can’t be everything for everyone, nor can everyone be everything for you. You have to be intentional with putting yourself first. This beautiful vineyard will forever be in my memory as the place I chose to choose ME. I always want to be my favorite date and enjoy my own company. I hope that you do too.

This season I am in is so delicate. I crave love and companionship, as we all do. However, I never want to get to a place of thinking that those things, are only found outside of me. I am love. I am companionship. No one knows what I need better than myself, and as I continue to love myself first, it will permit others to do the same.

Music: Make Me Feel
Musician: Not The King

I hope that by setting the tone for how I am to be treated, those who enter into my life can follow the blueprint. We’re the only ones who can create such a guide. It’s helpful because now I can ask myself, is this person loving me the way I love myself? Are they capable of handling the delicate gem that I am with care?

Knowing that you are a prize and how you desire to be treated doesn’t make you cocky or self-righteous. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It takes years to come to a place of self-acceptance, especially after living in a world where people tell you who you are, what you should want, and what your limitations are. Some of us still work to get there.

Reject those opinions and protect your heart’s healthy desires. Accept those as truth because you know YOU better than anyone else. At the end of the day we all crave love and affection specifically tailored to the way we best receive it. We shouldn’t settle until we find just that. Until then, and even then, continue to be that for yourself.

How have you loved yourself this week? It’s not too late to start.

SimplyJaneen ❤️

One thought on “Harvest Season at the Vineyard

  1. I love this so much, your growing finding out what true love is, keep on growing and being inspirational with the platform God has given you ❤😘

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