Weekly Check-In with Simply Janeen| 1/30/2022

 After five years of service, one of my best friends recently got out of the Army; She had plans to move back to Tampa, where we attended college. Thanks to divine reassignment, she is here in Atlanta with me! My undergrad college years held a lot of not-so-good memories (we can talk about it in another post if you’re interested). However, I can’t take from the fact that, as with anything, it also held some good. Most notable are the friendships that I created along the way. Over the years, I wondered if I’d ever live in the same city as my friends again. We all traveled different paths after graduation. Those paths moved us away from each other and into new locations. 

To witness this time of us coming together as full adults in the same city has blown my mind. I am grateful for this time that we have to now spend together as independent adults rather than struggling college kids. I often say that this new season of life feels like my college do-over, and I’m enjoying every moment. For the past week, we stayed up late like old times. Seeing that we are older now, those late nights hit harder in the morning. lol, I’ll do it a few more times before I decide to learn my lesson. Late-night hangouts are about to turn into bedtime sleepovers (it makes sense if you don’t think about it). 

While she’s been here, she has helped me get my house in order and feel homier by hanging up shelves and hooks. Oh, You’ll never guess what else we did during one of our late-night hangouts. We mounted a whole TV! You may think that it’s not a major accomplishment. However, if you bore witness to my makeshift TV stand, you would know it was long overdue. I had plans to book someone on task rabbit to mount the TV in between work trips. The prices were around $75/hr for a minimum of 2 hours 👀. It just didn’t add up for me. So TaskRabbit said $75/hr, while Friendship said FREE. Of Course, I chose the latter. After a few too many holes later, we got the job done. I think we did pretty well because it’s still up there 😎. Only thing I have to do now is to hide the wires. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do so?

WE DID A THING!!!!!! I am P R O U D
Isn’t she great 🥰


I started watching Abbott Elementary on Hulu at the recommendation of my friend Gilline. After watching the first two episodes, it’s safe to say I am pretty invested in the show. It appeals more to those who enjoy dry humor. If you’re a fan of The Office, then this show is for you. The creator of the show is none other than the viral video sensation “A large!? Oh you got Moneyyyy,” Quinta Brunson.

Have you watched it yet? If you have, what do you think about the show?


I finally got my oil change, and before you laugh, this is a pretty big deal. Being away from home, I don’t have my dad to help me out with these things. Honestly, car tasks give me anxiety. Walking into a male-dominated environment where the men are either trying to take advantage of you; by diagnosing your car with more issues than it has or making you uncomfortable by hitting on you is intimidating. The whole process is overwhelming. Nevertheless, I found a place on yelp with great reviews and drove 25 minutes out to have my oil change. I was very impressed with the service. I never laughed through a car errand until I had this experience. This was the first time that a mechanic showed me the parts that were being changed as well as the new part being put in. I appreciated that a lot. 


I went to 5church Atlanta for my friend’s 25th Birthday. Although I can’t rave about the food. The ambiance was lovely. That seems to be a recurring theme for Atlanta. GREAT VIBES, not-so-great food. Coming from South Florida may make me a harsh critic, but I mean come on. How hard could it be to find a good chef to cook for your establishment? But, I digress. Meeting everyone was very enjoyable. The conversations and laughs were much needed to fuel me through the week. I told her that she’s one of the very few people that can get me out of the house in 20-degree weather. 

Birthday Beauty!!
Notice I tried a new hair color for the occasion! This year I plan to try adding a lot more colors to my wardrobe and hair.
Ebony’s 25th 🎉


 I had my first snow day!! Atlanta doesn’t normally get snow in the winter. I’d like to say that my arrival has made magical things happen, but the meteorologists would most likely tell you otherwise. While the snow fell, I attempted to clean the house. However, I kept getting distracted by the view. I stood outside on the patio a few times to get a closer look. It’s also possible that I may or may not have found some trash to walk to the dumpster for a richer experience lol, don’t judge me I’m new to this. Coming from sunny South Florida, this was an experience of a lifetime, and I couldn’t contain my excitement

My First Snow Day!!!! 😃


Grad School. Graduate School. MBA? I Can say it in 100 different ways and still can’t figure out if it fits into my plan. The truth is I don’t fully believe that obtaining the degree will provide advancement to my life in any way. However, I don’t want to take the risk of it becoming the one thing that people use as leverage to deny me access to positions or pay grades in the future. I want to make sure that I’m always a few steps ahead as much as possible. I always told myself that the only way I would attempt to get my graduate degree was if my employer paid for it, and what do you know. My new employer provides tuition reimbursement; which brings us to this conversation. Am I going to keep my word? 

Honestly, it’s been heavy on my mind after having numerous conversations with my colleagues. One of my colleagues is pursuing their Ph.D., which totally surprised me because honestly how do Ph.D. candidates find the time? Our job is consuming enough! She said it’s not for career advancement or anything of that nature. It’s more of a personal goal that she’s working toward to break the generational curses in her family. When she said that, my whole perspective changed. My mind has been going a mile a minute ever since that conversation. I am leaning toward applying and letting the chips fall where they may. As long as I don’t accrue more college debt along the way, then I won’t regret it. 


I prefer to meet someone organically meet someone, and then date them. Unfortunately, with these new times, everything has gone online. I didn’t want to convert over to online dating. I am the person who tried creating a profile and had it for 48 hours before calling it quits. It’s just something about it that fuels my resistance (could be mental). Recently, I had a friend tell me about this dating app called The League. It’s a dating platform for the ‘elite’. Once you sign up, you’re put on a waitlist until they vet you and see if you’re a quality candidate. I must say the atmosphere feels different than the other dating sites. It’s more of a “get to know me,” rather than a “let’s hook up” which I enjoy.

Simply Janeen ❤️

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  1. I love it. It’s giving real adult-ish reality show….abbot though whewww yes it’s very dry, definitely wanted to support my girl but eh not for me.

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