Weekly Check-In with Simply Janeen| 1/16/2022

Happy New Year! These past two weeks flew by. I am always full of goals and aspirations, and this year will be no different. However, before moving forward, I have to acknowledge all my accomplishments in the previous year. I landed a career, tripled my salary, moved away from home, started taking acting classes, grew my blog, consistently traveled, and got my first apartment. Now, of course, there were some downs, but I am a pro at harboring on the negative. I’m choosing to give the good its shine too! I hope you guys are actively celebrating your accomplishments as they happen. No matter how big or small those accomplishments are, they deserve your recognition and admiration. If you haven’t already, go ahead and take a moment and recognize your wins, even if they happened last year. 

One of my goals is to blog consistently. I enjoy sharing my life, from the struggles to the most exciting parts and everything in between. Bringing people into the moments that make me who I am has been such a thrill. In sharing my stories, people from all walks of life come and find commonalities. That is one of my favorite parts of writing and sharing my work with you. So I decided to do these weekly/bi-weekly updates to bring you into my world a bit more. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them. 


I tend to stick to Netflix’s top 10 for recommendations on what I should watch. That’s how I found the limited series, Stay Close. A few things to note is that if you make it through the first few episodes, you have to see it through. At first, I couldn’t understand why a woman looking to stay hidden from someone went to look for them. It’s the disbelief of her actions that kept me watching.

I like shows that aren’t predictable, and for that reason, I would recommend the show. I could give you a detailed summary, and you still wouldn’t be able to guess who killed who. It will blow your mind.


The Garden of the Lights at Atlanta’s Botanical Gardens is still in full swing! The Botanical Garden on the regular is one of my favorite places to go. During the holiday season, it’s even more stunning. Lights are everywhere, colorful Christmas trees, holiday music, and the aroma of spiked cider brush past your nose. If you notice smoke clouds going up in the air, don’t be afraid to walk toward it because guess what? It’s a Fire Pit for S’MORES!!!!!!! It’s a holiday lover’s paradise. 


I had to buy an external hard drive for my iPhone and MacBook. Honestly, If I knew I had to reformat my MacBook to use it, I probably would have tried another option. I thought a hard drive was the only way to access 2TB of storage. However, I had a friend tell me that there are flash drives with 2TB of storage. This news floored me because one thing I know how to use is a flash drive! It definitely could have saved me some time. 


This was the first new year’s eve that I would be alone. I was a little nervous. Let’s face it, some of us struggle with the Holiday Blues. I’ve had my fair share of the Holiday Blues; Honestly, more than I’d like to admit. Nevertheless, A few of my good friends decided to celebrate virtually together. The night would consist of Charcuterie boards, girl talk, and fireworks. If you know anything about me, it should be how excited I get to do anything creative. I ran to the store to get the items. Everyone else must’ve had the same idea because the shelves were bare. I made it work, and overall I am happy with the results of my first Charcuterie board. I received some suggestions on items to add next time. Some of which included nuts and olives. What would you put on yours?


I don’t know if I should pursue acting or write for TV and Film. Writing is something I feel comes easy to me. It doesn’t require much to be able to do it. Yet there are so many factors that make pursuing acting tough. It leads me to wonder, am I meant to excel in another role surrounding the TV and Film world? Both journeys will take time, but is the audition anxiety, judgment, rejection for the acting path worth it? How do you know what’s for you? How do you know when to give up on a dream that you’ve had for so long?


I have not been on any dates. Although I did meet a guy in the grocery store. We made eye contact as I looked around trying to figure out if I should climb the shelf to grab the last jar that was all the way in the back (Short people problems). He acknowledged my struggle and helped me get the peanut butter down. We even had a brief conversation afterwards. I know it would’ve been the perfect meet cute, but before you start planning the wedding that’s as far as it went lol but It’s a step in the right direction right?

SimplyJaneen ❤️

2 thoughts on “Weekly Check-In with Simply Janeen| 1/16/2022

  1. I love your board and I’m going to create one for my friends and I. I’m glad that you are pursuing your dreams stay focus and yes you are good at writing but challenge yourself to acting. We would all love to see you in front of the screen as well as writing and directing. Theater is not bad either 🙋🏿‍♀️🤗🌻

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