Reassurance for the High-Achiever

This is for the high-achiever who feels like time has run out. The one who can receive so many stares and yet still feel unseen. The one who has their accomplishments displayed throughout their home and pass them by daily without recognition. It’s the time of year when high- achievers suffer the most. Failing to see the previous year in a positive frame, but rather all the opportunities we were unaware of that could have been our ticket to a way out. All the moves we passed up because we were too afraid. We see what we still don’t have, the finances, the career, the house, the spouse, the kids, and the mental stability. We beat ourselves up with a replay of it all and try to quiet our minds just for a minute to obtain some relief. Just for a minute, anything longer than a minute will cut into your constant mental state of overthinking.

At this moment, you realize that you did way too much planning and not enough implementation. What can you show for this year, when time is already up? You vow to do more in the next year, yet somehow you always return here to these end of year thoughts. I don’t know what the new year holds. I don’t know what will change or what will stay the same. All I know is that it is here now and so am I and that should be seen as the gift it is. Even dragging yourself across the mark means you made it to the finish line. We cannot go back and change anything. You are exactly where you need to be. Exhale and give yourself recognition just for making it to the finish line this year. Continue just as you were and do not be startled by the end of year alarm that midnight will bring.

It’s okay if you don’t feel like celebrating, but at least don’t spend the time doing what you do on a daily- diminishing your achievements and counting yourself out. Give your mind some rest and give your body some rest. If you needed proof that you are worthy of another chance to get it right, let your being here be the sign you needed. Remember, every end of something is the beginning of something new.

HAPPY New Year!

Simply Janeen

2 thoughts on “Reassurance for the High-Achiever

  1. Wow, this was amazing. It really resonate with me. I tend to not realize myself worth as much. Eventhough I see my accomplishments, I wouldn’t give myself praise for those accomplishments because I’m too busy focusing on pushing myself to do better and be better and forget to congratulate myself. Sometimes we have to take a moment and pat ourselves on the back and say to ourselves that we had accomplished great things in our lives and acknowledge them. Its great to be motivated and strive for success but sometimes it can be stressful. So taking the time to rest and taking care of yourself is also needed and this writing made me remember that. This was a great writing.

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