How to Jump Start Your Christmas Spirit

Public Service Announcement, Christmas is not canceled! Yes, it may look a little different this year, but we should feel blessed to have made it this far. The holidays are rarely about giving or receiving material things. The holidays are about laughing and smiling with the ones you love, including yourself.

This season I wanted to create something that everyone could enjoy, whether with family, friends or with yourself. Fight against the holiday gloom you may be experiencing this year. Instead, push yourself toward catching a bit of that holiday magic. Doing something fun each night may be just the thing to change your outlook around. I implore you to take the time out to participate with me. Your participation is all the gift I need this year. I can guarantee that you will find yourself smiling, laughing, and experiencing some holiday cheer!

So without further interruption, Simply Janeen presents: Seven Days of Christmas Cheer.

  • The Christmas Tree Decorating Party– Now to the ones who caught the holiday spirit earlier around September, skipped Halloween and bypassed Thanksgiving by putting your tree up. Go ahead and take the decorations off and put them back up again. No, just kidding, maybe add some tinsel or candy canes to it. Or take a picture with your tree (keyword your tree, not somebody else, don’t be a Grinch). To those on a budget, remember that a 10 ft. tree is not necessary. Get yourself a little Charlie Brown tree and throw one little bulb on top! Other ideas include: decorating a wreath, a section inside or outside of your home. Feel free to get creative! 
Here’s some Christmas Tree Inspiration if you’re on a budget 😉 
  • Cookie Decorating Bake Off– I want to see cookie dough, Christmas cookie cutters, frosting, and edible ornaments all over the place! Dust off that baking pan and get your rolling pin out to make the Pillsbury doughboy in you come alive. (If you are old enough, you will remember the legendary commercials.)
  • Holiday Pajama Night– or as I wanted to call it Jamming in my jammies night, but I digress. On this night, deck yourself out with all the Christmas gear you can find. The Pajamas, the Santa hat, and the socks (come on now, Christmas socks? How are you not excited yet? 🙃) Now that you dress the part, get the holiday music going and add all the favorite ones to a Christmas playlist.
  • Build a Gingerbread House– Okay, so I will help you out here. Go and buy the actual Gingerbread house kit. I can’t stress this piece of valuable information enough. Building a gingerbread house from scratch without the kit will have it looking like a gingerbread trap house with a mean lean, and that’s not what we are going for here guys. It will kill all the little holiday spirit we just built over the last few days. I speak from experience only my friends. Don’t let it be you. 
My only advice: BUY THE KIT !
  • Paint a Holiday Picture– I am accepting all things Christmas except a snowman (although I love Olaf, sorry it had to be said). Paint a picture of a Christmas tree or a wreath. Make sure it has a star, a bow, and lots of ornaments. Utilize the different colors and textures, my little holiday Picasso’s. 
  • Hot cocoa/Movie Night– Hmm, I see more Christmas PJs on the radar for this night. Turn on your favorite holiday movie or watch a new one. You should know that I do make recommendations upon request. I have a holiday Blockbuster store running inside my head right now. Before you press play, make some hot cocoa over the stove so the aroma can infuse the room. Please, load it up with all the marshmallows your cup will allow. If you must use the microwave, then you can use a candle to produce that holiday aroma. 
  • The Grand Finale- Christmas Karaoke Night!– You made it through the week. Time to celebrate! Pull up that playlist on the TV and dance and sing the night away. The only rule here is that you must sing your heart out and dance all-around the house. Yes, thank you for asking, I do accept self-taught Christmas choreography routines. Need a microphone? Grab the broom or the spatula. Improvise people, improvise!
Dance like you think nobody is watching.

The only rules are that there are no rules! Be creative and try not to overthink anything. Most importantly, enjoy EVERY moment. I hope this holiday season you find your Christmas cheer, even if just for a moment. Share those pictures and videos with me. I can’t wait to see them! 

-Simply Janeen ❤

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