Actively Overcoming

Shame. Withdrawn. Suicidal Ideation. Depression. Tears. Fear. Hopelessness. Negative Self Image. Failure. Trapped. Worthless. Withdrawn. Complacent.

Thank God I don’t look like what I’ve been through. In this picture, you see someone ACTIVELY overcoming. You see someone who’s trying to choose daily to transform her thoughts into focusing on the positive (because there are many). Someone who’s fighting to put herself first for once and treat herself to all that she believes she deserves. You see someone who is trying to see herself the way that her Creator sees her. I am thriving at choosing myself, loving myself, taking care of myself, and it feels GREAT! I am doing all the things I set out to do, whether it comes easy or not. I will not give up. I will not fail.

Today I am highlighting the time I experienced the budding of joy growing on the inside of me. The time I felt happily whole in my skin, and the first time my inside feelings matched my outside appearance. On this day, my smile penetrated through the barriers of laugh lines on my multi-tone freckle fulled face. I basked in the way my eyes squinted close as they dove into a full-face smile. I acknowledged the way my nose spread wide, into a smile of its own as it refused to be excluded from the party. Time stood still, and through my contact corrected vision, my sparse eyebrows looked fuller to me. My top-heavy self seemed proportionate. My big arms seemed like they came into their own and established my body as its home. My 5’3 height towered over even the highest of trees. 🤯 Oh, what a moment! I hope everyone feels how I felt in this photo. I hope you look in the mirror today and wholeheartedly love the reflection staring back at you.

Dry those eyes and fix those crowns King’s and Queen’s, and let’s toast to self-love in its highest form! 🥂 

Simply Janeen  ♥️

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