I’m Ready to Walk Down the Aisle

The day is coming where I will pack all I need for my new destination. A few days after I will get all dolled up and then stand in anticipation, waiting for everyone else to walk down the aisle, prepping the route for me. Just as everyone’s seated, I will beam with pride as I turn the corner to reveal my presence to my audience. The gazes will shift immediately, and all eyes will be on me. At that moment, I will slowly walk down the long aisle, hand off my bouquet to the designated area, turn around, look you straight in your eyes, and say, “Aye, can you get up for a second for me, that’s my seat right there, yea I got window seat.”

Do you know how long I’ve been on the ground? Yeah, me neither! But I feel like it’s in the three-digit ballpark, and that’s just not okay. Hell, I am not okay. Is this how the Astronauts feel in between gigs??? And to add insult to injury, the roundtrip prices took the deepest dive I have ever seen in all my years of life. I’ve highly considered booking a $69 Roundtrip overseas on more occasions than I should admit, but then I remember my mom is here. I love her too dearly to put her in harm’s way, BUT if it was JUST ME, I swear I’d risk it all with a pack of immune-building vitamins to tag along with me.

If you’re anything like me, then you’re experiencing what they call travel withdrawal. Let me be the first to tell you that those travel withdrawals are no joke. For me, it started one night with falling asleep in an upright position with my airplane neck pillow. Then it progressed, and the next thing you know, I had to hide my passport because I almost stamped that thing my damn self!

What’s even crazier is that I miss the little things like:

  • The “Oh Shit” moment you have when you realize you left your TSA socks in your checked bag. Now you have to pick the parts of your feet that will make the sacrifice and briskly walk across that cold dirty floor barefoot to the body screener. All while praying hard that your bag doesn’t get flagged for a bag check before your shoes come sliding out the other end.
  • Sitting on top of your suitcase to get it to zip up and then trying to finesse the weight restrictions at the counter by acting shocked when they tell you that your bag is overweight. Knowing good and well before you left the house that you packed too much shxt.
  • Making eye contact and smiling at the flight attendant as you watch the snack cart roll down the aisle knowing they are ready and willing to give you an extra snack at your request (unless you flew Spirit, but that’s a story for another time).
  • The new release movies you wait to watch on your next flight, because why not kill two birds with one stone? #Hello Thank me later. (unless you flew Sp… Nevermind, Y’all get the drift)
  • The way your mean mug relaxes when you see your luggage coming around the conveyer belt. Can there even be a better feeling of relief?

If you’re reading this, please check on your wanderlust friends because we are NOT doing well.

Simply Janeen ❤

8 thoughts on “I’m Ready to Walk Down the Aisle

  1. OMG – I SO FEEEL YOU! The other day I drove past the airport and teared up (I am not even exaggerating).
    I miss the thrill that I’d get every time the flight took off/landed – despite having taken 100s of flights I still get butterflies in my tummy!
    I miss the panic I’d feel when I’d realise I’ve overshoot my chill time and am now running late for the flight. (I have this thing where I like reaching the airport exactly 1 hour before the flight – yea yea, I like living on the edge)
    I miss running to Starbucks and grabbing a cup of coffee only for my IG travel story.

    Why is this happening to us? 😦

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    1. lmaoo 😂 ughhh I forgot about the airport Starbucks stop 😩. Oh man my friend I don’t know why this is happening to us, but as soon as we get the all clear we are OUT OF HERE! Thank you so much for sharing that made me laugh 🤗


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