5 Lessons Learned from a Jam-packed Weekend

This weekend I had a full schedule from hanging out with my co-workers, celebrating my college-roommate turned great friend’s birthday, to attending a virtual event; This weekend was far from what the norm has been as far as weekends go. I was thrilled to have a lineup of events to attend, so much so that I even scheduled a makeup appointment for the birthday dinner. Let’s face it, my typical weekend since this global pandemic has been that to come home and watch Netflix. In my excitement, I was also able to learn a few things from this jam-packed weekend that I thought were important to share.

  1. Refuel your tank first before trying to fill anyone else’s. I treated myself to a Mani/Pedi to accomplish one of my goals of keeping up with consistently pampering myself. I had a pleasant tech name, Mandy. We held a conversation that had us both laughing out loud and enjoying each other’s company. We are consumed by having to be there for everyone else; Our employers, friends, significant other, college professors, and family. We get lost in the duties that those roles require and rarely have time left over for ourselves. That can lead us to exhaustion and burnout if we aren’t intentional about making sure we are on that list of weekly priorities. Scheduling moments of self-care with other weekly tasks is a great way to have time is set aside for refueling our tank. After all, we aren’t useful for anyone else if we are not at our best first.
  1. Be Wary of Energy Drainers

Energy drainers are those people who are so cynical about life and the world. Now, don’t get me wrong, we all experience moments of negativity. However, energy drainers can’t find the smallest bit of joy in their own lives. When you’re around an energy drainer, they can alter your mood and suck you down into their rabbit hole if you’re not careful. Misery loves company. I would rather have you go and do something by yourself because at least then, you are in control of your mood and the time you have. Experiences matter and, they produce memories that should not be tainted by the company you decided to keep during that time.

  1. Adapt the Roll Over Method for Your List of Goals

Do you remember when we had minutes on cellular devices? Some plans would roll over the minutes you didn’t use and add them to your new set the next week or month. It was one of those incentives that would bring you a little bit of happiness, knowing you had extra time. Know that everything you plan may not get accomplished, and that’s okay. Extend yourself the same grace that you would to a friend. Just rollover that task to the following week. Eventually, the undone task will be something you can cross off your list. Do not beat yourself up if you don’t accomplish everything on your list. Do you remember that friend’s birthday dinner I was supposed to attend? I didn’t make it. I got stuck in Miami traffic and turned around. I know, it was a real bummer, and I felt like I failed her. I had to remind myself that my absence didn’t mean I was a horrible friend. It wasn’t a reflection of our entire friendship. You are human, and life happens. That comes with missing, reorganizing, canceling, rescheduling, and postponing sometimes. Be familiar with those words so that when they come along, you’ll know how to handle those life-curveballs.

  1. Support your Friends’ Endeavors

We often support celebrities that we don’t know while we have people/friends in our backyards who do the same thing, yet we aren’t giving them support. It doesn’t matter how big their following is or how influential they may be on any platform. If the person has a quality service or product that you can utilize, support it! The people you are admiring behind your screen started in the same place your friend is in now. Support is so vital, and it can be the encouragement the person needs to keep going to reach the new heights their heart desires. With them, you’re not just another number, you’re a number accounted for and acknowledged. That makes a huge difference that I can assure you is beneficial on both ends.

  1. Bring Home the Things you Love

During these unprecedented times, it’s easy to become discouraged, by not visiting the places we enjoy or doing the things we love. However, a lot of those activities we can bring to the comfort of our own homes. Trying to figure out a way to do so is part of the fun of it. For example, I miss going out to a good brunch. So during the week, I find different recipes, and then on Sunday, I go out to the grocery store to buy the ingredients and prepare brunch for my family. The best part of it, aside from the bottomless mimosas, is the joy it brings to the table and our whole day.


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