One Day You’ll Have a Daughter…

One day you will have a daughter, and you will look down at that reflection of your face resting comfortably in the security of your embrace, and feel your heart beat different than ever before, the way it does when you love someone.

One day you will have a daughter, and that shield that surrounded your cold heart will fall off into a vow to protect hers at all costs. On this day your heart will feel warmth like never before.

One day you will have a daughter, and she’ll try to impress you with every pretty little dress, every living room performance, every meal prepared in her kitchen toy set, and every decision she makes in her life. Her only goal will be wanting your validation and attention. I pray these are things you learned through relationship with her mother.

One day you’ll have a daughter, and she’ll turn to you with the expectation of feeling at home in your presence and for smiles that never fade. She’ll lean on your shoulders with the hope that they will be strong enough to readjust her crown when life tries to knock it off. She’ll seek solace in your arms. One conversation with you will instantly dry tears from her eyes. Her father’s love should make her grow 10 feet tall.

One day you will have a daughter and out of your love and protective nature for her you’ll forbid her to date, nonetheless, her first heartbreak will happen and hopefully you’re someone she can come to and confide in, if you learn how to handle dealing with those emotions you once hated.

I hope on the day you have a daughter you can see her with a man like you.

By now you’re probably thinking to yourself… a man like me…

  • selfish- only valuing my feelings and dismissing everyone else’s
  • Jumping in and out of bed with women hoping to find…well… nothing but a temporary good time.
  • I can be a gentlemen, I open doors? Yea to let them out once I’m done with them.
  • I was in love once, but honestly you couldn’t tell since I treated her the same way I treated them.
  • I protected her though, by deleting her pictures from social media, so the others wouldn’t know about her or be able to contact her… So in all honesty I protected them.
  • I toyed with her feelings. Somedays I wanted her, and others I wanted them.
  • I was young was my excuse, to use her for my own personal gain and then discard her when I felt like it.
  • She’s strong I thought she could handle it. I know she’d always be there when I wanted her.
  • I knew I couldn’t commit, but, I felt ‘strongly’ for her so I had to keep her on my list. Nothing wrong with dangling a carrot over someones head.
  • She had too many emotions I couldn’t deal with so, I left her to herself to figure it out—although some may say I caused them.
  • My jumping around killed her self-esteem.
  • My lack of commitment made her question if she was good enough.

The day has finally arrived. Congratulations, I hear you’re having a daughter. I pray when she looks up to you, her father, she will see a Man I didn’t know.

Simply Janeen ❤

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