A Toast to the Rosa’s

Teshia there are no words that express how I feel right now… excited, honored, happy, thrilled, euphoric, blissful, joyful, elated, delighted, etc., none of these words capture or express my current state well enough.

Nonetheless, I am ecstatic for you, and what you have become. I remember in college praying that if I could give up my chance of receiving true love to make your true love story come true, I would sacrifice without hesitation. I didn’t EVER want to see you disappointed or heartbroken ever again. I remember asking God to bless you with a man that would appreciate you for who you are and not just your physical attributes. It’s funny because not only did God show up and take over my desperate prayer, but He answered it tenfold and showed out by exceeding what I prayed for by bringing you the man I know He designed just for you.

Juan you have exceeded my most profound dream for Teshia and unknowingly with Gods help you have brought my prayers full circle, and I am forever grateful to you and for you. I was so protective over Teshia because I didn’t feel like anyone would take the time and do the work in getting to know and understand her. However, I knew from the time you reached out to me on Facebook, not even knowing me personally, just knowing that I was one of Teshia’s closest friends. You reached out numerous times asking what you should do in certain circumstances when she would act a certain way because you cared for her and didn’t want to lose her. I knew then that you were different. Your relentless effort to learn about her, her emotions or lack thereof was convincing enough, and as a result of your determination and persistence, you received a priceless Gem.

Teshia if I’m honest my biggest fear when you joined the Army and had to move away, was not being able to be there in the physical for you when you needed someone who understood you, what you’ve been through, and what you needed during difficult times. I felt no one would understand you as I did. I wanted to shelter you away from pain, disappointment, and heartbreak that this life… this world brings, and no matter how big a task that would be, for me it was a privilege, no an honor. You were my responsibility because not only did you become my best friend, you became my sister, my blood, my family. I am forever thankful to Juan for seeing you through the eyes that I’ve seen you through, all these years, for seeing you beyond your hard exterior shell and past your physical appearance and finding the real treasure you have inside- your big, bold, fearless and beautiful heart.

And though I will forever try to be there for every milestone in your life, I know that where I may lack, Juan will be there to be present and standing beside you as you deserve. I’ve never been more comfortable giving you up to anyone like I am with Juan. Though you guys will fail and make mistakes because you’re human, I want you to remember to keep God first in this covenant. Secondly, keep people around you that will lead you back to Christ’s will for your marriage and also lead you back to each other.

I vow now to you both to always be a phone call or Facebook chat away, a referee during disagreements, but most importantly I vow always to be a cheerleader on the sideline rooting for you both in your love and all your future endeavors. I also vow to be present in your lives as well as Jace and the future little Rosas.

I love you Lateshia Lashay Rosa-Nazario, and I love you Juan Antonio Rosa-Nazario so let’s raise our glass for a toast….
Therefore what God has joined together let not man separate. Here’s to today, tomorrow, and a lifetime. Cheers to the Rosa’s!

Simply Janeen ❤


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