Puzzle Therapy for the Anxious

When I feel overwhelmed I tend to drop everything. Calls and texts go unanswered, messages get missed, social media gets parked and I go silent. I do that in an attempt to regain structure and grab ahold of life and as a result, I “fall behind.”

This past weekend I was sitting on the couch late-night in complete silence after a day of running around. It was during this quiet time that I realized just how loud my quiet time actually was. I couldn’t get my mind to slow down. My heartbeat started racing in what I would imagine being a speed of 45 MPH if measured in car terms. An overwhelming feeling came over me. I was anxious and probably experiencing a panic attack in my attempt to calm down, but I couldn’t.

I decided to grab a 500 piece puzzle that I discovered earlier in the week, and there on the floor, I began putting the pieces together. It took time, patience, FOCUS. There were times I had to step back, pause, and come back to see something different than what my mind was originally locked into. Every break brought a new outlook which in turn led to the puzzle becoming complete.

Often we need to step back and pause before we can see that right next piece jump out at us that was there all along. I like to think that tunnel vision can be great until it becomes the thing that distracts you from seeing the other beneficial routes around you.

Eventually, I grew tired and decided to turn in, but guess what? I didn’t feel the panic anymore I was too focused on the puzzle 😂

Simply Janeen ♥️

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