Write the Vision & Make it Plain

2021 was my first year creating a Vision Board at the beginning of the year. Last year I was flipping through magazines in August in my friend’s Atlanta living room. I had no idea what I wanted to accomplish, but I did find images that grabbed my attention. I also made the mistake of labeling it 2020 when the year was almost over. You know what, come to think of it, it had more of a 5-year vision situation going on. It’s safe to say I wasn’t too familiar with the whole Vision Board concept, but the construction of it fueled my creative side, and because of that, my anxiety about time getting away from me relaxed.

The entire experience was a mood! It was evening time when my friend Greer suggested I make my Vision Board. She pulled out all the supplies she had leftover from when she made hers. The night lamps were on, which produced a calm ambiance. Something was playing in the background on television for company’s sake since Greer fell asleep on the couch shortly after handing me the supplies. She made sure that my glass was full of Prosecco before nodding off, which gave me the complete vision board experience. I knew it was something I would do again for the new year.

Fast forward to 2021, and I saw Instagram guru Lola posted a flyer for her online virtual vision board party. I instantly became super excited!

This time around, my thoughts were better prepared. In the beginning, Lola gave us time to brainstorm all we wanted to accomplish that year and write it down, all while listening to this fire jazz instrumental playlist. I must add here that it gave, BIG VIBESSS! (which reminds me I need to request a personal copy of that playlist). After that, we searched the web for images to represent each goal on our list. Y’all, I got so carried away with the bomb images that I was finding it a challenge trying to make all my pictures fit the page without shrinking them down (what can I say I’m a girl with lots of goals 😎 ). Like how can you expect me to crop Teyana Taylor’s abs?? Come on now! We need the whole visual for #bodygoals encouragement.

Don’t worry though, with a little finesse I made all the graphics fit and added a few more designs on the computer to make it pop! Let me just say, I’m very proud of the outcome. It was my first virtual digital Vision Board, but definitely, not the last.

If you haven’t created one yet, I highly recommend it. It’s a very effective way to keep track of your goals and offer you inspiration when you need it most. During the year, we tend to lose momentum if we aren’t careful. When this happens to you, focus on how you felt when you finished your Vision Board. It’s a great creative project to do with others or solo. Remember, you can do what works best for you. Maybe a quarterly vision board would work better than an annual one. Suppose you don’t want to buy all the materials, including; magazines, poster boards, scissors, and glue sticks. Then creating a virtual board may be the route for you to take. No pressure, Whatever you do, keep it somewhere visible to remind you of your goals. You can check out my vision board below: hopefully, posting it here will give me extra accountability. I keep my vision board as my phone wallpaper. Drop a picture of your Vision Board below. Where do you plan to keep yours?

Special thanks to the digital genius that is @Lolathemanager & @ng.iscreative for putting together a dope experience.


3 thoughts on “Write the Vision & Make it Plain

  1. Love your vision board! I hope you keep looking and achieving everything on board. Frankly, I need the world to see and hear what I see and hear in you. You have strength, intellect, beauty, and power, get away from that desk at work it’s holding you down and go make your vision come a reality.


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