Spotlight on April | A Monthly Update

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and the month of April has been nothing short of that! This is the first “sit-down” weekend I’ve had all month. I plan to be a responsible adult and give my house some TLC. In other news, guess who has a new hobby? Me! I started cooking a lot. I find that cooking helps the time pass by, which is extremely helpful when I start to miss home. I enjoy locating a new recipe, shopping for the ingredients, and preparing the meal. 

The whole process seems to calm me down when my mind starts racing; having to focus on measurements takes your mind off of everything else and forces it to focus on the task at hand. The fact that the finished product is edible makes it all the more worthwhile.

One recipe I tried recently was banana pudding. It’s a little crazy, seeing as though I don’t like bananas. Don’t judge me, I couldn’t get the recipe out of my head! If it helps, I am looking to perfect a dish that I can take to Thanksgiving 😂 . Personally, I do like the pudding and cookies concept. In an attempt to not offend the banana pudding lovers any further; I will stop the rant here.


The greatest show television has seen in years! This Is Us, is in its final season, and it continues to blow my mind. You would think after the past few years, I would’ve learned not to binge-watch episodes nor watch them before bed. Yet here I was doing just that. When I say it absolutely WRECKED me, I mean it!!! 

The writing, the character’s development, and the actors are all second to none. They are deserving of more than Oscar’s and Emmy’s. I am so invested in the characters that it’s scary and probably a little unhealthy. We are currently wrapping up everyone’s story in this final season.

Kate and Toby went first, and although Kate hasn’t always been my favorite Pearson, I still managed to cry between those episodes. Kate and Toby tried to make their marriage work, but it wasn’t enough. I can appreciate Kate for knowing when it was time to walk away, no matter how hard it must’ve been. I come from a similar household of having my parents stay together in the house despite constant mistreatment and bickering. I was very observant and miserable in that house because of my father’s actions. 

I’d be the first to support a two-parent household, but ONLY if it’s a healthy environment. Kids can see and feel the tension in the home, and it’s not fair to them to have to grow up amid chaos from their parents arguing all the time. Sooner or later, that frustration ends up directed towards the kids. People only acknowledge the struggles that a single-parent household can bring, but there’s also struggles brought forth from an unhealthy two-parent household.  

Honestly, I understood both sides, Kate wanting to separate for the kids and Toby wanting to stay for the kids. It was a mature split where Kate assured Toby that their story didn’t end there with the divorce. In the end. we saw their family dynamic shift into a healthy co-parenting relationship, and I am A FAN of that!

Next up was wrapping up Kevin’s story. Crying Time=The Whole Entire Episode. Kevin has come a long way, and I believe becoming a parent helped him become a more well-rounded mature man. Also, time and the company he kept contributed as well. Now Kevin dated a lot through the seasons, but that’s only after he lost the love of his life, Sophie, by treating her poorly in his youthful years. However, we all know that Sophie was the only woman he’d ever love. Even Rebecca, who has a form of Alzheimers, knows that Sophie and her son, are meant to be together. It took 20+ years before the time was right. I couldn’t be more thrilled that they finally found their way back to each other.


I have been on the search for a high-end mattress pad to make my bed more comfortable. I have been having a hard time sleeping through the night. I found one on amazon and purchased it along with the mattress cover to put over the 3 inches of foam. My bed was already pretty tall, but once I put the mattress pad on, it got even taller, while my poor nightstand seemed to shrink. These are the things people fail to tell you will happen. So while I can’t sit on the bed and put shoes on, the purchase did help make the bed more comfortable. The new cotton sheets were also an added bonus. I guess not being able to reach the nightstand is the price one must pay for comfort. 


Everywhere! This month has consisted of going out to brunch, dinner, and drinks all month long. If you ever need recommendations when you’re in the area let me know. I am curating a mental list of different places to eat and visit. Here’s a few of my favorite pictures from the month below:


My Sephora shopping trip. I went in there only wanting a new foundation. This past winter my face got so light! My current foundation was now too dark for me. I also was experiencing breakouts from the makeup remover wipes. Each time I would use the wipes, my face would instantly break out. I needed to find a natural product that would remove makeup. 

As you could’ve guessed, I did not succeed with my goal of going in only to buy those two items. In fact, I probably have a majority stake in Sephora after my purchase. I knew I was in deep when they gave me a free makeup tote 🤦🏾‍♀️ .Free means you paid for it on the back end. So in addition to Target, I will now officially ban myself from Sephora.

On a positive note, I did learn how to apply lipstick and accentuate my Cupid’s bow. I think I am getting better with makeup. Soon I’d like to upgrade to applying it with brushes instead of the beauty blender. (Another purchase. Does it ever end?).

Check out the definition of the Cupid’s bow! 😃


Finding a work-life balance. I love my job, but I need to take time to recharge before my battery runs out. I saw a beautiful retreat a few hours out where you can disconnect from the world in the middle of nature. I plan to book that getaway soon. It will be perfect since there’s no wifi.

I’ll get to disconnect while basking in the scenery, reading all my books, and roasting marshmallows on an open fire. The thought alone brings me excitement.

What was your highlight from this month? Do you have any goals for the month of May?


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      1. I mean yeah it’s not possible at all.
        During the April, I don’t think you were taking these pics to share in the blogs.
        You did a great job.
        Really love it


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