DJ Envy’s, Carchella was a GREAT TIME! 10/10 I highly recommend. Now, I know what you’re thinking, you’re not even into cars, and you know what.. you’re absolutely right. However, it turns out I turned into a kid in a candy store. Isn’t it just like life to teach you a lesson in something as simple as a car show?

Initially, I saw the social media promotion for the event and just kept bypassing it. I said, “Ehh I don’t like cars.” Then the day of the show came, and I could feel the hype in the city. I remembered that I told myself that I would get out on the weekends to explore. I vowed to enjoy the world’s grand opening, and you know what? That’s exactly what I did. That declaration led me to this big Atlanta event, and it was a MAJOR VIBE! Let me tell you what I appreciated most from attending Carchella.

1. The Air Circulation
Carchella drew in thousands. I know that sounds scary coming from our Pandemic culture. However, although it drew in thousands of people throughout the day it was spacious. There was tons of open space to walk, breathe, and not be on top of one another. The flow of the people coming in and out was commendable. I was grateful to feel the air circulating so much so that I had to put my jacket on!

2. Exposure to my Dream Car
Now and again, someone would ask me what’s your dream this and your dream that. One of the main questions being, what’s your dream car? And for the life of me, I could not come up with a response in my adulthood as I would’ve when I was younger. After Carchella? I can boldly state that my dream car is a drop-top MCLAREN, please and thank you!

Drop-top McLaren (Oh), everybody starin’ (Lookin’) -Lil Baby

3. Realizing the Inner Child Still Craves Excitement.
Adults should still have fun dreams. In this case, it would be seeing your dream car in the streets and getting giddy over it just as you would when you were a child. Yes, this was a family-friendly event. That was noticeable by the CARS replica displayed as soon as you walked in the door and the strollers full of awestruck toddlers rolling by. However, it also awakened something in the adults that escorted them as well. Think about when you were a little boy or girl. Car interested or not. When you saw a fascinating car, the bat-mobile, a monster truck, or a car with hydraulics and lights, tell me you didn’t oooh and ahh? Pure nostalgia! ✨

4. Inspired the Hustle
I left there like, alright, I need to get these streams of income flowing. My McLaren isn’t going to find its way to my house without me. Once you find something to be excited about working towards, you can’t return to the mundane life. Goals are what keep you moving forward.

5. Great Learning Experience.
If you don’t know the word, look it up. How many of you have heard that growing up. We all had dictionaries on standby in our homes and schools. Although things have gone more digital, I still love researching a topic I know absolutely nothing about and learning something new. This whole experience led me to the electronic dictionary known as Google. I now know words that once didn’t occupy space in my mind, and for me that’s dope. There’s no telling who I can connect and converse with, with my newfound knowledge.

Maybe you’ve crossed something off from your list of fun after experiencing it at an earlier time in your life. However, the same way things change, SO DO YOU! These car shows have evolved, and maybe giving it another chance will add it back to your list as it has done so for me.

Grab a friend, and be sure to catch the next car show. Let me know how it goes down below!

Simply Janeen ❤️

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